Area Rug Repair

At Area Rug Cleaners Brooklyn we do all different types of area rug repair services by Area Rug Cleaners Brooklyn. From machine repairs to hand repairs. We remove urine, feces and vomit stains and odors that may have damaged or discolored your area rug.

Area Rug Repair Services in Staten Island


We also do new binding, surging and fringes for all area rugs, fabric or natural fibers.

All repairs come with our 100% guarantee service; if you are unhappy with the service we will redo it at no extra cost.

We also do major repairs like, color repairs, holes, burn marks, new backings, weaving, overcast and so many other repairs.

Our repair service offers a 100% free estimate.


We inspect the area rug, discuss what you would like done, then we offer you our professional opinion and finally issue you a price. If at that time you agree with the price we can pick-up the area rug for Free and we will drop it off for free after all repairs are done by Carpet Cleaner Staten Island. You will get a detailed, written receipt from our estimator, they will let you know when you should be receiving your area rug back or one of our representatives will contact you once your area rug repair is complete.

If you would like, you can request our office to contact you in the middle of the repair to find out how your area rug repair is progressing. So contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate!